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CPA and Business Consultant in Saddle Brook, New Jersey

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If you own a business and the idea of bookkeeping and taxes is keeping you up at night or if you aren’t happy with the service you are currently getting, you are in the right place! I know the challenges entrepreneurs face and I know how many of you hate accounting.

I’ve been a CPA for 20 years and I have seen what makes small businesses a success. I offer tax preparation, tax planning, bookkeeping, payroll, and general consulting services to take the accounting side of your business to the next level.

My mission is to provide the best possible service to entrepreneurs so they can focus on growing their businesses, maximize their profits, minimize their tax liabilities so they have more money and quality time to spend with their families and friends.

I’m located in Saddle Brook, New Jersey but I have been working with clients from a lot of states and even abroad. Let’s grow your business and let’s make the process less taxing!

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